Does the Musa Truly Tiny fruit?

NYHamptons(7a/7b)October 6, 2012

Hi, I am growing a Musa Truly Tiny in a container inside and would like to know when it will give fruit. Also, how should I protect my Musa Blue Java in my winters outside in zone 7a/7b.

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truly tiny will fruit indoors. Most bananas fruit after 35-45 leaves. however long it takes you to get there is how long till fruit. I dont remember if TT is seeded or not so even with fruit you might not get to eat it

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Thank you for your reply. I have a pup in a container, so i am waiting. Do you think it could survive outside in my zone 7a/b, with lots of mulch? Thanks!

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that type is really made for indoor growing. with heavy mulch and possible a bag of leaves covering it then it might but since the mature plant is less than 3 feet tall Id leave it in the house. If your in zone 7B and want a small nana to leave outside anything in the cavendish family would make edible fruit for you and should stay out with a bit of mulch and help. a dwarf cav. or super dwarf cav. will only get maybe 5 feet and produce edible fruit

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You think the cavendish will survive here? What protection should I give it? Also I have a Musa Ice Cream and I want to know how to protect it for the winter. (Besides bringing it inside.)

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protection is about the same no matter the species/type unless there very very tropical types. pile about 4-6 inchs of mulch around the base. build a wire cage around the plant. cut off all but the newest leaf. fill with straw/chopped leaves. cover with tarp tightly and hope for the best. there are many other methods. stryfoam boxs with xmas lights to keep temps up and plenty of others. just try to keep it warm and dry and it should pull through. what types of winter lows do you see? if you really want edibles in zone 7 you could try orinocos, cali golds or a dwarf type cavendish all should pull through your winters with protection and bear fruit at some point. If you have a true ice cream blue java (most are mislabeled) there not as cold tolerant as the other so get them covered before it gets to cold

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If I get a dwarf cavendish next year, to protect it, I was thinking about cutting the leaves off and cutting a hole in the garbage bag, put it around the pseudo-stem, put mulch i bought on the base, then fill more mulch in the garbage bag. Then I would take another garbage bag cut a hole in it and put it around the first bag. Then I would take another one and put it on top of both, protecting from moisture. Do you think this will work? Also do you think this will work for my Ice Cream banana?

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But I would leave the newest leaf on the plant of course.

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