Phyllostachys Growth Rate in Zone 7

newbamboonutOctober 8, 2013

Hello. I am new to the forum and hope that I am starting a new thread properly. I have fallen head over heels for running bamboo, mainly timbers. I live on some acreage and have planted about 16 new running bamboo plantings in various areas, mainly on or near my perimeter. I was hoping to hear from someone with experience growing in my zone, 7 so that I can have an idea of growth rate or more specifically what size each stand may achieve in say 3-5 years. I have planted healthy divisions with good sun, amended soil, and heavy mulching from composted horse manure. I haven't put in rhizome barriers and after endless research have decided that I can easily contain it by staying on top of mowing and removal of culms in areas I don't want it in, which candidly isn't many places. I am fairly confident that my problem will not be containment but rather not growing fast enough for my liking. I hope to have some nice groves and have planted P. Vivax (gold and green both), madake, black bamboo, and megurochiku mainly. Each new planting has about 2-4 culms at present and this is their first season in the ground. Would love to hear from anyone with experience about spread rate etc. and what to expect possibly. Thanks so much in advance! I love reading these forums and am glad to have joined. All the best.

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kudzu9(Zone 8a - PNW)

In my experience with many kinds of Phyllostachys in Zone 8, one doesn't see much growth in the first two years. After that you will see bigger shoots each year until the plants reach their maximum size. I can't tell you how big these will be in 3-5 years as it will depend on how big they are now and what particular species we are talking about...some get bigger than others and some grow faster. I have had Moso go from a seedling to 6' in about 5 years, and I have had other Phyllostachys that went from, say, 6' to double that in the same time. Your mileage may vary. However, it sounds like you are off to a good start with your prepping and with your choice of hardy, vigorous species

I contain a lot of my runners with annual maintenance and rhizome digging, but I have put in barriers in some places to keep the rhizomes from going under my asphalt driveway and causing bumps, and to keep peace with my significant other and her flower beds. As long as you can stay on top of the maintenance and don't mind tearing up the lawn a little to catch a runaway, you should be good without having to put in barrier.

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mountainy man z8 Ireland

I have to agree with the poster above about the first two years I have planted two phyllostachys aurea and they sulked like little children for the first couple of years but now they are showing a 50% increase each year, I was afraid of loosing them at one point. Comrey liquid or compost tea will do them the world of good too.
My garden is quite windy and have put in a fargesia jumbo as they are supposed to be more wind tolerant and it has shown good growth and no sulking in the first year. hope this helps

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Thanks very much guys for your reply. My average planting of the 16 or so I put in the ground was from a 15 gallon container with 3-4 culms and up to about an inch in diameter (the largest) and i topped most of them because they were 15-20 ft. in height and I didn't want the first few years of snow load to harm them. I guess what I am wondering specifically is how much spread growth you generally see after the first few years in my zone. I was hoping I could get an idea what to expect. IE how long will it probably take for each one of these plantings (if not rhizome pruned or contained with a barrier) to reach a grove diameter of say, 20 ft? If you're like me, and obsessed with watching bamboo videos (yes yes it's ok to laugh at me) then I have included my link of my 2013 plantings so you can see their size. Anyhow, thanks for your feedback and taking the time to respond to my post. All the best from Nevada City, CA.

Here is a link that might be useful: video of my 2013 bamboo plantings

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