mystery bamboo

ahlstrom(8)October 30, 2010

Can anyone tell me what kind of bamboo this could be? I do know that it is a tropical.

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Are any of the leaves variegated?

Did you purchase the bamboo from a nursery or dig it up locally, and if so, how tall was the 'mother' plant?


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They came from a Florida nursery. I bought them off ebay. I bought 20 plants. 4 Buddha bellies, 9 Wevers, 2 labeled Gracelis and the rest not labeled. I have them planted in zone 8 in Gonzales Texas.

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Bambusa vulgaris 'Vittata' aka Painted Bamboo.

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I propagate bamboo for a living, and I agree with chicken that is definitely Bambusa Vulgaris Vittata. The reasons are, pubescens (tiny black hairs on the sheaths), happens with a few species, but especially with the Vulgaris Family. Bamboo is sometimes hard to differentiate when juvenile, but that big shoot is showing a bigger size, vulgaris. The discoloring in the leaves is common in vulgaris just like spotty mold to the multiplex. Do not plant it near the edge of your fence. Give it a lot of space. Roots get huge. Canes get to 4 inches diameter. 40+ feet tall. One of the fastest growing tropical boos. Super easy to propagate from culm cuttings, will produce shoots rapidly. You may get lucky and an inverse cane will appear. Green cane, yellow stripes. Propagate from that cane for a new bamboo.

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