Suggestions for a good dwarf plantain

andrew78(6)October 14, 2010

Hey Everyone,

Years ago, I bought a dwarf puerto rican plantain from Logees greenhouse. I had it for a couple years and it was killed when it was knocked over and trampled on by workers who were remodeling the apartment house I live in. Sadly, I couldn't get it to come back and it died on me.

I tried contacting Logees to see if I could order another one and they stopped carrying it. Now I cannot find a nice dwarf plantain and I really want one.

Can anyone suggest a place where I could find one? I have checked a few places but not a one of them sells this variety. I am also looking for an ice cream banana, but would like to find a small pup. Right now I have a nice basjoo growing outdoors in my flower border. It is still going strong. I expect a hard freeze in the next few weeks but last year we made it to mid November before we had a hard freeze.


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You could try a dwarf orinoco. They are quite hardy and fairly easy to get, at least in the south. Good luck.

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keiki(10 FL)

If your still looking I have both dwarf plantain and ice cream I can trade when the weather is better.

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any luck obtaining a dwarf PR plantain?

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