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todancewithwolves(Z9 CA)June 6, 2008

Is this a bumble bee? If so, where do they nest? I'd like to attract more.

Thanks! Edna

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According to the book "Befriending Bumblebees" by Elaine Evans, Ian Burns, and Marla Spivak, the bumblebee you have is Bombus bifarius and is a good candidate for rearing among western bumblebees. Bumblebees nest in holes in the ground, and piles of grass or leaves. Ive seen nests in holes in the side of a shed and down in holes in the side of foundations.
The book mentioned above tells how you can raise bumble bees. I bought a copy just because it's very interesting reading It's available at 1-800-876-8636 or at the link below

Here is a link that might be useful:

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