Himalayan flowering/fruiting

subtropixOctober 1, 2006

While just outside, I noticed that one of my Himalayan bananas is starting to flower. Other than the Chinese banana, this is the only the second time I have succeeded in flowering bananas. Does this variety produce an edible fruit??

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mrbungalow(Z8, SW-Norway)

By "Himalayan banana", I assume you are referring to "Musa Sikkimensis"?

You can't tell us this without showing some photos!


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GAAlan(z7b(on map) 8(imby) Atlanta)

Hey thats great! I agree with Erlend we need some pictures. Also I'd like to know where you are.

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I'm in northeastern New Jersey. Usually don't worry about frost until late November. I have since read that Sikkimensis does not produce a fruit that is considered edible so my quest will continue.

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mrbungalow(Z8, SW-Norway)

Well, I have tasted sikkimensis fruit. It's not so bad, actually tastes like a very sweet banana-shake, but loaded with hard seeds. You can't even take a mouthful from one banana.
For a pure fruiting banana similar to sikkimensis in terms of cold-tolerance, look for "Musa Chini Champa", a cultivar from the hills of northeastern India.


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