Helping local wild bees

lannegreenelagJune 17, 2008

Hello, I'm an avid gardener that has enjoyed seeing many bees around my flowering plants. I assume these are wild bees. I've noticed they seem to like small flowers like those of the mint family. Is this generally true? What can I plant to help feed the local bees?

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you can probably do an online search. A few are the mints,thyme,spiderwort,dandelions,buckwheat,coneflowers,
collards,sunflowers,most berries,white clover,goldenrod,

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Honeybees love Oak Leaf Hydrangea, by the way. And holly trees. They can't get anything out of daylilies though.

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the bees in my yard really enjoy cone flowers and lavender right now!

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bees here are in the milkweed for one, right now

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ctufts(z4 Maine)

I wish I had wild bees to feed. I live in Maine, and we have 10 acres of land. We have alot of flowering trees down by our stream that use to be so loaded with wild honey bees that the sound was almost deafening. It is depressing now to see NO BEES at all !!. I went out today to see if there were any on my climbing rose bush which is very large and about 15 feet tall, loaded with blooms,,and not one honey bee. Just one lonely bumble bee. I hope I start seeing them soon. I really miss them.

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If the bees found a source with greater nectar flow,they will move to there to gather for efficiency reasons.If you have a nectar source at the right time,they will return.

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Thank you for the replys, the bees are all over the clover right now. The bee balm is opening too, they really get into them.

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flowersnhens(Maine 4)

Still no bees here...just big black bees that resemble bumble bees that are trying to make a nest under the front porch roof. Also seeing wasps of course...but no honey bees. I have coneflowers, bee balm, roses, butterfly daisies (argyranthumum), tomato and potatos blossoming and no honey bees. I am not even seeing butterflies, but maybe one or two in the past few weeks.

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