Shade Tolerant Bamboo Zone 7

amyokie(7)October 15, 2013


I recently purchased my home and I've been trying to decide what would be best for a backyard privacy barrier to screen out the view of the garage apartment next door. I was iffy about bamboo but after exploring evergreen alternatives, I'm back to bamboo. I absolutely plan to install the rhizome barrier and keep a close eye on it. The space I want to fill is about 20 feet long and narrow (3 feet wide). As you can see from the picture, sunlight is an issue because of the large pecan tree in the middle of our yard. Are there any zone 7 hardy bamboos that are shade tolerant, but will still provide the 20 feet or so of height I'm looking for? Would it be safe to plant in fall (if so, for roughly how much longer?) or should I wait until spring? Thanks so much!

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kudzu9(Zone 8a - PNW)

That doesn't look too shady for most bamboo, particularly when it gets above the fence line and the leaves can pick up more solar energy. The space you have is adequate and rhizome barrier will work just fine. However, it won't do much in the ground over the winter, so I suggest you wait until spring. You might consider any of the Phyllostachys species, or Semiarundinaria fastuosa, which grows tall and narrow, making it a good choice for a hedge bamboo. You could also consider Pseudosasa japonica (Arrow bamboo), which is particularly shade tolerant.

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I think any of the big leaf species such as phyllostachys dulcis, phyllostachys prominens, or phyllostachys shanghai III would do fine.

I have them in my collection, but not available at the moment, but I think on the bambooweb forums, you should be able to get some of those off of someone even within driving distance for big divisions which can really cut down the time to getting a nice screen.

Digging some out in the spring right before shooting season would be the best, and I'm pretty sure there are people with established bamboos in your general area or state.

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Thanks to you both for your suggestions. I'll check around and see what I can find locally- definitely looking forward to spring!

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