cowgirl_juneJune 30, 2009

My friend has bees that have swarmed several times. I was able to capture one of his swarms a few days ago. I brought the swam to my house 15 miles away.

My question is, if you are able to capture a swarm (from your own hive) can you install the swarm back into your bee yard, or do you have to move them 5+ miles away?

When I have made splits, I take the bees to his house and visa versa and this has worked in the past.

Hoping we can just put the bees in a new hive on his property and avoid the long distance hauling of the bees.

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Konrad___far_north(3..just outside of Edmonton)

Sure, no problem to install in your yard, I usually put them in a new box and see if I have a good new queen from a
afterswarm, these are my new queen stock.


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Yes, you can install swarms in the same yard as the hive that swarmed as they are looking for a new home. The added benifit is that any stragglers will go back to the parent colony.

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