banana plant with pups

lesa58October 15, 2006

i have a banana plant which i've seen it called a zebra. anyway it has red markings in the leaves and the main vein is green. my problem is i have read that if the parent banana sends up pups that the mother plant will die. when i bought the plant it was root bound and even had roots trying to grow on top of the soil so i had a pot just a bit bigger and then i had a pot that is about 4 to 6 times bigger than the root ball so i planted it in the smaller pot which is just a bit bigger than the 5 gal. pot that it came in. my banana is in the house. i have never had a banana plant but after the pups which there are 3 two doing great and the other still very small it seemed when the pups came up the mother plant kind of quite growing and the leaf that is coming out which is not unfolded yet the leaf is getting brown patches in it. is the mother plant dieing or am i not watering it enough or to much? i usually water the plant once a week and give it a pitcher full of water which is a 2 quart pitcher i have quit feeding it now since the days are shorter and getting cooler and the plant is located infront of a patio door which is facing east. and the edges of the leaves that are unfolded are turning yellow around the edges. should i cut the pups out they are about 6 to 12" tall and are leafing out like crazy. any info would help. would post a pic but have no idea how.

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shiollie(z5 MI)

It is only when the mother plant flowers, that it will die and the pups will take over, I have many bananas and they all pup in the spring, you can cut the pups off the corm leaving some roots on them or you can wait till next spring and seperate them then. The browning on the leaves could be a lack of humidity, I usually put some pea gravel in the plant dish and fill it with water and that will raise the humidity level around the plant. I would cut back on the water, the plant will keep growing but it will grow lot slower in the winter months, normally I give mine about 2 cups of water every 4 to 6 weeks ( last year I only watered once in january!) You may be contributing to root rot with all the water. Let it dry out before you water again.

To post a picture go on over to and grab an account and upload your pics there, once the pics are there, I think it is the second box of code that you can copy and paste in the message box here. Good luck and I hope this helped a bit!

Here is a link that might be useful: photobucket

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thank you so much for your info i will slow on the water and will put water out for the humity thanks again

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I'm not trying to be mean or anything, but punctuation will make your thread easier to read.

The mother corm will not die until she flowers. That's not to say you can't kill her, but she wont die back on her own until she flowers. Wait until the pups have 2' of pseudostem before seperating them, and they'll have a better chance of survival. Drainage, drainage, drainage. Water less in the winter, but this is less important than well draining soil. If she sits in cold water, she will rot. That plant goes by many names:
Zebrina, Sumatrana, Blood, Rojo, and Red Rowe. They get about 7-9' tall, and pup like crazy.

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