Nervous about requeening a hive

kchendershott(z5 NY)June 14, 2010

I mentioned in another post about all my hives swarming within a week and have always let the hives produce a new queen on their own. This year I wanted to requeen one of the old hives with a new Minnesota hygienic queen, so ordered right away via Express Mail, hoping to introduce before a new queen had emerged. That was almost two weeks ago.

Due to really bad weather, the supplier couldn't ship until today. The old hive almost certainly has a new queen by now, and I'm TERRIBLE about finding the queen! I've only seen queens before in my hives by accident, and usually just check for fresh eggs and good brood pattern to keep from disturbing the girls too long.

I'm really afraid I won't find the existing queen and be able to remove her before introducing the new one and could really use some encouragement and hints for a better chance at success. This new queen is expensive, and I don't want to mess it up!

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Konrad___far_north(3..just outside of Edmonton)

Hm..You might do it similar to a split, take the outer frames, ..up to the brood frames out, this might be 6 frames in each box...if you're running a 2 brood box hive. Let them sit for 2 day's and check for brood, if none, you're good to install.
Work on the other frames until you find the queen, get rid of her and combine.

Remember, your hygienic queen will only be hygienic as long she lays...unless you start from scratch and you're the
only bee keeper in a 8 mile radius.
Sure, some perhaps good genes might trickle into her offsprings but
I don't know to what extent and what advantage.


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