this weekend's experiment... w/musa's

jrzgurl(9)October 29, 2007

have 2 musa's, both around 4' tall, in pots. I want to try to overwinter them, so this is what I did. Kept the "better" looking 1 of the 2 in it's pot & brought it in for the winter, it has 1 pup along w/it. The 2nd I dug up, cut off the outer leaves, cut off 2 pups & planted them

& brought them in.Left the main stalk to dry out. Wrapped the roots in newspaper, put that into a paper leaf recycling bag & put it in the shed. Please don't crucify me if I'm doing it wrong :) Everywhere I looked for overwintering instructions had my head spinning. I hope this works! Will update in the spring ;) *also did this with my EEars.

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