Shade Plants for Honey Bees

cjmones(7 Clt, NC)June 4, 2009

I am eyeing a spot for a new garden bed that I want to plant specifically for my honey bees. It's against the west side of my screened porch so it only gets sun from noon to about 3pm. It'll be a raised bed so the soil will be good; the size will be about 18'x4' or so.

What plant recommendations do you have for this site?

I've identified bee balm, foxgloves, and maybe astilbe but would like your confirmation and suggestions. What about planting the whole thing with just bee balm?

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If it moist enough, the bee balm will take over all by itself. It can be a very aggressive spreader in moist soils.

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Sage (and other salvia), Lavender, lemon balm, mint (careful mints spread like crazy), did I mention lavender. The list is much bigger than this, but you'll get a massive response from these plants.

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With three hours of sun lavender and many of the salvia cultivars won't do very well. However, there are so many salvias that I bet some do ok in part shade. You could have a fun monarda garden- a dozen varieties will do ok, if not thrive, in part shade. You have a long growing season, so think about covering the season from early to late bloomers.

In a sunnier part of your garden try the plants beegeek suggests.

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