Need honeybee info

kimreko(7)June 12, 2009

I am looking for any info on honeybees. I would like to start a small hive to help pollenate my new flower garden and help the enviornment. Where would I get bees and which are the best kinds of bees for a suburban neighborhood? Thanks for the info!

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GO TO WWW.BEESOURCE.COM. It's a forum like this but for bees. You're probably best off trying to find a local bee club with members who can mentor you. It's not too late in the year, yet, to start a hive, but, if you're serious, I wouldn't put it off much longer.

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Beesource is a good start. If you want more direct information, you'll have to mention which state, or even what city you live in. Your page just mentions somewhere in the Northwest. You are hardpressed to find anyone with a package of bees available at this point, but you can still find queens and you can also get lucky and find someone willing to sell you a few frames of bees and brood (called a nuc). As johnyoga2 mentioned, you want to start with your local bee clubs. If you are in Washington, there are several and a few more I'm aware of up in Oregon too. Each state has several organizations as well as the state organization that meets at least once a year. Local organizations usually meet once a month and support the education and assistance needed by new beekeepers like yourself. Let me know more about where you are located, so I can point you in the right direction. Shoot me an email at

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