Suicidal honeybees?

micrazyJune 21, 2009

Hi! I am new to posting...I usually peruse the garden forums, but I'm having a strange thing happen in my hummer feeding stations. They are LOADED with honeybees, and they aren't just drinking, they are squeezing themselves thru the openings and drowning. They all seem to be on a suicide mission. Have I done something wrong this year? They also seem quite agitated with my presence, and will come after me if I get too close.

Is this a normal thing? I've had feeders for 20 years, and I've never seen this before.

I just wondered if the disappearance of honeybees have anything to do with this preoccupation with death?

Any suggestions?

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Konrad___far_north(3..just outside of Edmonton)

Not sure what kind of feeder you've got, if honeybees find out a source of sugar water, they do everything they can
to get at it, and if they land in it, not able to climb up on something they will drown.
I use a hummer feeder with bee guard so bees have no access to the syrup, this way honeybees stay away from feeder.


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Thanks Konrad! I've used this type for a while now. They are glass (hexagon shaped). I never had this problem until last year.
Do you know what type you have with the bee guard? I love my hummers, and I don't want to harm any bees. I'd like to buy whatever you have if it works.
Thanks so much for your reply. :)

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Konrad___far_north(3..just outside of Edmonton)

I have this one for several years now, I think it's called Oriole feeder, perhaps some other feeders have bee guard too?
This one is plastic, it works good when after the sugar water is filled, then screw on the bottom upside down, then turn over in
one swoop / fast motion, then hang up but on a very short line so it can not sway in wind, otherwise the syrup level below get's
too high and almost runs out the hole, that's when bees get interested.


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I have one of those too and it does work great even tho the orioles don't really use it.I fill and flip mine before I bring it out. Don't mind the bees so much but I hate those wasps. Have bad reactions to there stings.

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