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jdh101June 21, 2007

My name is Janet and I'm a new beekeeper. Actually, bees chose me. I moved a swarm of honey bees from my back patio to a bee hive and out into my garden. I live on 10 acres in a prairie-like area around Benbrook lake in south Ft. Worth and we've had LOTS of wildflowers this year.

I have a few questions regarding beekeeping.

I got a starter brood box w/frames from a local beekeeper about 6 wks ago when a swarm of honey took up residence on my back patio. I got the bees to go into the box and moved the box out to my garden. Three days ago I noticed bees "bearding" on the outside of the brood box and when I removed the top, it was full of bees. I bought a "super" and added it last night on top of the brood box, but I noticed that my bees were not bearding outside the box anymore and when I took the top off this time, I didn't see as many bees as I did 3 days ago.

Do you think my bees are moving out? Should I add another brood box or is it too late in the season? Will my bees leave in the winter? Is there a local beekeeping club in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area?

I'd really like to get an experienced beekeeper to come out and show me how to work w/bees and give me pointers. I enjoy having the bees for my garden and would like to take some honey for myself and friends.

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.


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I dont think your bees are leaving just working more in the super.You can locate a local beekeeper through your Farmers association or County Extension office.

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bandit_tx(z7-8 TX)

Collin County has an active beekeepers club. They meet in Mckinney at the Heard Museum.

You may have had a swarm, but it seems unlikely. It's not unusual for a new swarm to abandon a hive after a few days. If you chase swarms long enough you'll see it a lot.

You need to look at the comb for open brood and/or eggs. If you see that, you still have a laying queen. You should probably be feeding. Even though we have had a good bloom this year, it's about over. The exception would be if you are in a good mesquite area and the mesquites have started blooming. They are late here.

Here is a link that might be useful: Beesource

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Janet, Welcome to the forum. Get your hands on a good bee book or two. A couple I'd recommend are by Richard Bonney Beekeeping A Beginner's Guide, and Hive Management, Others are Backyard Beekeeping (Kim Flottum) First Lessons in Beekeeping and the list goes on Check your local Library and used book sources. As bandit said, Join a local club. There will be members happy to let you tag along and learn the ropes. good luck and keep us posted

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