hey i need some help

stevenwayne(6 sw)October 18, 2009

i have well i fairly certian that i have a cavadesh most popular anyway i live where it is cold zone 5b its outside all summer and it was fine i brought it in and the leaves srated to turn brown and try it warm and humid in here i have to for my other plants it gets plenty of sun as well as artificial light it get water 2 times a week i don't want to lose it can u give me some help

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stevenwayne(6 sw)

one thing is the leaves are light green kinda like a granny smith apple color ot is still young though so maybe i don't have a camera to take a pic though

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I would cut all the leaves off and let it go semi dormant for the winter. Youc an store it in a cool basement with no light, or a garage that stays above freezing. As long as temps are within the 40-55 degree range the banana will not grow or die during the winter, and come back from where it left off next spring.

I cut my banana leaves because I cant deal with bugs anymore (they are annoying to say the least) and because I dont have alot of room and would rather use that room for plants that cant go dormant.

Good luck!

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