HELP ground bees!!

hotrodryderJune 27, 2008

Today I was mowing an area I have mowed regularly this summer and found a large hole (about 5 inches in diameter) that had the ground bees that look like small bumbles going into it. First, I haven't seen them at all up to this day and mow that area twice a week. Second, the hole looked like something (skunk, racoon, etc) might have dug it last night since it was so large. Since I have mowed the area with no incidents, my inclination is to figure out how to fill the hole back in and leave it. Can anyone give me some info on what type of bees these are and what the best course of action could be? I don't want to have to force them out but we walk this area all the time and have dogs that go with us I am afraid will get into the bees. Is it possible for them to have just shown up and have actually dug the hole in two days (last time I was down before today was 2 days ago and they did not have the hole then, I could NOT have misssed it) I am totally ignorant on bee habits. Thanks

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thisbud4u(San Diego)

Hotrod, I don't think bumblebees are ground bees, even in your area. Yellowjackets, yes, but their markings are distinctly different, so I'm sure you would have noticed the difference. Bumbles are pretty gentle as a rule, yellows are of course not. If it were bumbles that were/are in there, that may account for the lack of unfortunate incidents, and you might want to be extra gentle and patient with them (generally very sweet bees). No, I doubt any type of bee could dig a five inch hole in two days. No way. Yes, probably skunk or coon. Personally, I'd watch them, get a better idea of what type of bee they are, then call your local USDA extension agent for suggestions.

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