newbie question: Mason Bee House without cocoons?

bonzgirlJune 19, 2008


My husband and I would like to get Mason Bees in our backyard. I started looking online this morning, it seems it's too late to start w/cocoons... Is it right?

Some of the sites suggests setting Mason Bees House (w/o cocoons) will also help local bees to nest. Is it too late to attract the female bees to start nesting in the Bee House??

I'm just wondering if we should just wait for next Jan/Feb to order the cocoons and set our bee house outside at the same time? Or it worth setting the bee house (only) this year.

I would appreciate any advices from you.

Thank you!!


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Most here deal with honey bees, not mason bees.
However, click on the link below for more expertise.

Here is a link that might be useful: Mason Bee People

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