Saving Winter Bloom

redneckgreenthumbOctober 6, 2009

Can a bloom be successfully saved in a dormant state thru the winter? My Ice Cream has put out it's flag leaf and the bloom bulge is starting to show, if I dig it now can the bloom be saved until next spring?? Has anyone ever tried to do this?

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I have never tried at that stage but i always bring my bananas in for the winter and they grow slowly... i would think so . putting it outside on warmer days during the winter will really help. make sure you try to not damage the roots when potting it and it could stay outside for maybe another month depending. whats the temps there now avg? until upper 40's at night but i would pot it soon so no transplant shock because it will already haveto get useto the environment change... sorry if this didnt help much . didnt quite hit the nail on the head. hope someone else can help more - Justin in VB

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