Help me ID litte bees

ditnc(7 NC)June 7, 2011

I was looking at my cable/phone and other "boxes" on the side of my house today at around 4:30PM. As I stood there, tons of little bees all zoomed in, one by one, like they were coming in for a landing, and went behind one of the bigger "boxes". There has to be a nest behind it. Later I went out and they are flying in and out. They are very, very busy.

I love bees and need them for my garden, but I'm not happy about them living behind the box and perhaps even in the siding. Can anyone tell me what type of bees these are and whether they are likely to drill into the side of the house? They're definitely not carpenter bees, thankfully.

And any ideas, if they are "good bees" how to entice them to move elsewhere without me having to have them destroyed? Thanks! (And yes, I see that need to have the house pressure-washed!)

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ditnc(7 NC)

Upon Googling some more, I think they're yellow jackets, and that means they are probably drilling into my house!

I guess I need a professional exterminator? Any comments and/or advice appreciated!

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Konrad___far_north(3..just outside of Edmonton) got it, somewhere they have a nest and getting bigger
by the day...if you can see at night with a flash light where the
hole is and spray in some killer then plug it right away, ...about
a 10 second fast dash, spry and plug and wear appropriate closing ...I usually don't.

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ditnc(7 NC)

Unfortunately, they all fly behind the box. So the box needs to come off (or something) to get to the entry point and the nest. I will call the electric co and/or electrician and or exterminator/critter control company tomorrow. I really want that box off to see what's behind there.

It's freaking me out that they're probably living in my wall...

(And I also have a bee phobia. Never been stung by a bee/wasp etc in my life - and that's a good many years, so I don't know if I am allergic or not.)

Anyway, thanks for answering!

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