To far gone?

webuser_17497July 25, 2012

I noticed a couple of weeks ago that a few of my smaller amaryllis bulbs leaves were turning yellow and I realized I was over watering them, all of them but one lost their leaves but hen sprouted a new leave , the one that didn�t I dug up and found rot all over it. So my question is can it be saved or is this one of those lessons that I�m not going to like.

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Uh Oh..I would say that's a gonner, it happens to the best of us..You could peal it down and see what's left, but by the looks of that basal plate and neck, I'd say it's as you say, a lesson learned... :(


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this morning one side it compleetly black now, so i peeled of the next layer and it is black through and through and it smells real bad, i hate lessons like this. i guess there is 1 good thing, i can get some more. so does anyone have any offshoots or extras they would like to get rid of i'll pay the shipping.;)

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Dear Devonfawn
If bulb smells real badly,it must be infected by virus , you need to disinfect it.

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It may be virused but, I'd still say it is just plain old rot.

I've never had a virused bulb rot, for me they just go on and on and on..... blooming and putting up mottled leaves, none that I have ever reached the stage where they've rotted, (I've had my virused Estrella for the better part of 5 or 6 years now..) you don't by any chance have any pictures of the leaves from that bulb do you? That might be your best clue as to whether or not it was virused...(this is all just my opinion of course)'s very possible that in hotter climates virused bulbs do rot...


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I don't think it had a virus I�m pretty sure it just rotted from too much water I�ve seen lots of examples of virused plants thanks to all of the wonderful people here and them posting pictures of them for us. I just need to remember to shut the water off. You see I have built an underground watering system, I let the hose run into a 5 gallon bucket it has a PVC pipe coming out of the bottom and after a few T's and splits they are attached to a few 1" lines with holes drilled every 6"-8". So as I fill the bucket with water, the water leaks out underneath the roots of all my plant. The problem is once you notice the top soil is getting wet the water was been running for about 30-40 hours.

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