A Bully Bee?

tib13(7)June 29, 2009

The wild bees are active on my purple salvia and I have all sorts visiting.

But today I saw something that I've never seen before. Honeybees - one larger than the others. When one landed on one of the flowers, the larger bee would quickly land on top of it and scare it off, but no hard seemed to be done. It did it twice when I was watching and then my husband saw the same actions.

Both bees look like honey bees - same gold and dark brown coloring, just the one was, maybe, an 1/8 inch larger? It didn't bother the bumbles.

Was this normal or something I should keep an eye on?


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Konrad___far_north(3..just outside of Edmonton)

I find this is pretty normal....if these are two worker, female bees, the larger one's are usually the male drone bees
and I don't think you have seen this, most likely a larger worker bee competing for the same flower.


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