One yellow/honet/wasp... eating my wood balcony?

amychan331June 22, 2011

As strange it sounds, I have one, and apparently only one, bee-like insect that seems to be eating my wood balcony. I know it was there since it came out once when I watered my garden in the noon back a few months ago. But it disappears in the morning, so I never bothered with it. I though it was just a bee!

But the heat came this week in my home San Luis Obispo, and he started to come during late morning as well! I was scare away yesterday, and again today. As I was observing it from the glass door, I noticed that it seemed to be digging through the wood. That's when I realize my side of the balcony (east side) seems to have a lot of chewing-marks on it in comparison to the west end.

This is really bad for me because it is a rental housing. But it is also bad because the balcony is only 2-3 ft wide, and my garden is right next to my door. Everytime I open my door, I can alert him. The next closest door is about 10, 20 ft away.

The person I ask in Home Depot said one wasp isn't normal. Which freaks me out even further. I went home with my trap, and started looking around the balcony from the first floor up (my balcony is second floor). I can't find a nest! Why would there only be one? If the nest is not here, then would I accidentally attract the nest population here?

I can try to tip-toe and set up a wasp trap during evening on the west side of my door (my garden, where the wasp seems to be hanging out, is over at the east side. It is about 3ft deep and a dead end of my balcony) , but I worry that I would attract other wasps since everything is so close to my back door! There's vent above at the top of the balcony too.

To the far west end, there's a giant tree. The west-side balcony doesn't have chewing-problem because it is in shades from the tree 24 hours a day, but I can't guarantee that there isn't a nest there.

This is all so confusing, as well as scary. I would really appreciate some help.

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Well here in sc I get carpenter bees that drill holes into my deck but Im sure yellow jackets or hornets would not be drilling holes into your deck. But here are some pictures I found of carpenter bee damage. But I almost guarantee there carpenter bees.

Here is a link that might be useful: Carpenter bee damage

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wasps chew up wood to make pulp, that they then can make the nest out of.

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