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ngoniOctober 1, 2007

I was wondering if anyone can give me information on a species of bamboo which grows in west africa. It is not hollow, but solid. If you don't know the west african variety, maybe another which is solid exists

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kudzu9(Zone 8a - PNW)

Are you looking for an identification, or just looking for a bamboo you can grow with a solid culm? There are about 1200 species of bamboo, and many of them are not grown in the U.S. Importing from outside the U.S. is a long, difficult, and expensive process involving paying for a year-long quarantine in licensed government greenhouses. On the other hand, if you're simply looking for a solid culm bamboo that you can buy in the U.S., I may be able to suggest a couple. What diameter/height culm are you looking for?

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hi new to the forum here. I too am looking for a super straight growing solid culm/internode bamboo, 1.5 " culm diameter, any height will do over 10 feet

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Thyrsostachys siamensis aka 'Monastery Bamboo' is one that I grow but is not cold hardy enough to get very large here.

All of the Chusqueas that I grew in the past had solid or nearly solid culms also. There are many varieties to choose from.


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thanks for the reply KT. It is super some could say insanely hot here in south texas, and the lows are rarely below freezing. Does your Monastery bamboo grow good and straight. I actually am going to use these to push a boat. so Naturally I went with Punt pole bamboo. I am sure the Toldoides is strong enough. But it is not very straight . someone said it might get straighter when it is a bit more mature. The Toldoides is only about a year old, and it is already almost the correct diameter and length for my needs, but as I said not very straight.
So thanks again I will look into the Monastery bamboo/ Chusqueas

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OK, first, "insanely hot" may be too hot for some of those Chusqueas so be sure and find one that takes high heat.

I like the Chusqueas because of their thick culms.

Your Tuldoides should get straighter with age. Most of mine are straight but they aren't as thick walled as I would like them to be.

My Monastery Bamboo leans outward quite a bit, but it is small. The larger the culms, the straighter they are. I planted some in a protected area and will be hoping for some thick and straight culms in the future.

If the culms do not need to be solid, you might try Bambusa
pervariabilis or Bambusa pervariabilis 'Viridistriatus'. I grow the latter, and the culms are very thick(not solid) and very straight. It would definitelty grow very well in high heat areas and is a beautiful bamboo. The culms can be used as bats.

Mine is very prolific here and it is one of my best grwing and favorite bamboos.


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