The seeds germinated, now what?

dianashhJuly 24, 2014

Hello... This year I got loads and loads of amaryllis flowers, and that resulted in over 500+ seeds! :) So for the first time I decided to collect the seeds and try grow them, I thought I'd experiment with a few first so I used to floating method and in 2 weeks the leaves appeared as in the picture, any advice on what to do now? shall I just plant them in a tray with soil leaving the leaf and the seed out and burying the root? I'm doing this for the first time so any advice would help! Thanks! Oh also I live in Jordan, otherwise I would've been happy to send you guys some seeds....

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Mother plant

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Hi Dianashh,

The sprouted seeds in your picture look like they are ready to plant.

Now I'm assuming it is really hot in Jordan, being a zone 10, so I would probably suggest that you pot them up in smaller community pots for at least a year and grow them indoors and then when they have a little size to the bulb, probably the size of a chick pea, I guess I would then plant them outside in a location that wasn't full sun.

As you apparently have so many seeds to play with you can try it various ways; actually sowing the seeds directly in the ground or germinating them in water and then planting them directly in the ground as well as growing them inside for a year.

You have lots of seeds and many choices, Good Luck...Donnaâºâºâº

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kaboehm (zone 9a, TX USA)

It would be interesting to hear how Arif grows his seedlings. He's in Pakistan and has the hot summers too, much more extreme than here in Texas!

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