question about hippeastrum seedlings

hippifan(8)July 8, 2011

I have some questions about my hippeastrum seedlings (appleblossom � desire(?)). They are now 3,5 month old, and I have to repot them.

1. Do I have to pot them with the bulb half above the soil or just as they were now (with the bulb under the soil)?

2. Some of the ones wich I repotted already had very little red on the bulb. Is that red blotch or is it nothing.

3. Is a circumference of around 2 - 2,5 cm (I guess) allright for seedlings of 3,5 month old?

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On the link you can see some pictures of my seedlings. Is it red blotch?

Here is a link that might be useful: Pictures of the seedlings

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I would not call myself an expert but in my opinion your red does not look like red blotch. Bear in mind that if irritated or damaged a hippie will produce red marks this doesn't necessarily mean red blotch.

If these were my seedlings I would plant them with the bulb under or mostly under the soil. Many young hippies will pull themselves under the soil naturally.

For the size of your seedling's circumference I'll let others chime in but it sounds fine to me.


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geoff9(6 and up)

I have grown a lot of seeds, but not from a broad range of species. The diameter sounds just fine. Raising or lowering bulbs is a funny thing. It is, of course, better to raise a bulb when you can. That way you get more root room per pot. Also, it is fun to watch a bulb go through its paces. I think you'll have to try to find out. Plant seedlings high in a pot where you can add soil. Beyond a certain age most amaryllised (I think) that are in the trade being complex hybrids will put up with whatever you hand them unless you expose actual roots. Well, that's my thought. Species, or course, have particular wants, and usually won't deviate. Unless they do. Is that clear?

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Thank you for the information.

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