1000 things made of bamboo

matsOctober 9, 2005

This web site may be old news, but I thought it was pretty cool

Here is a link that might be useful: 1000 things made of bamboo

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Is police baton listed?

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webgator(9 FL)

"Ode to Bamboo"

A man can sit in a bamboo house under a bamboo roof, on a bamboo chair at a bamboo table, with a bamboo hat on his head and bamboo sandals on his feet. He can at the same time hold in one hand a bamboo bowl, in the other hand bamboo chopsticks and eat bamboo sprouts. When through with his meal, which has been cooked over a bamboo fire, the table may be washed with a bamboo cloth, and he can fan himself with a bamboo fan, take a siesta on a bamboo bed, lying on a bamboo mat with his head resting on a bamboo pillow. His child might be lying in a bamboo cradle, playing with a bamboo toy. On rising he would smoke a bamboo pipe and taking a bamboo pen, write on bamboo paper, or carry his articles in bamboo baskets suspended from a bamboo pole, with a bamboo umbrella over his head. He might then take a walk over a bamboo suspension bridge, drink water from a bamboo ladle, and scrape himself with a bamboo scraper.

Author Unknown

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Does anyone use, build or do anything with their bamboo prunings? Or is it strictly an ornamental plant in the U.S.A. ?

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