Dwarf Buddha Belly ( Advice Needed )

chris32swflOctober 12, 2012


I just planted three dwarf buddha belly bamboo plants at my home here in Fort Myers, FL. Looking for someone with experience with this particular type of bamboo.

I have read up on the basics of bamboo care. There doesn't seem to be as much info about dwarf bamboo or this particular type of bamboo available.

What I'd love to know about is mainly what fertilizer should i use for this type of bamboo? I just planted this week, should i wait for the plant to be established before fertilizing? Once established how often should i fertilize?

Any specific fertilizer type would be helpful.

Also, we don't get much freezing here but sometimes it could dip to right around 30 degrees maybe once or twice in the winter. In this case what is the best way to cover these?

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I personally would not fertilize until it is somewhat established and even then, you shouldn't need to fertilize unless your soil is very poor.

Fertilizing any plant is not rocket science which many people try to make it out to be.

A good layer of dry cow manure around the plant does wonders on mine. I have used triple 13 on the plant I have at my workplace twice a year...once in the early Spring and once in the Fall.

It freezes here roughly 6 to 10 times each Winter and it got down to the low teens the last three Winters and mine will get burned and one froze to the ground but they always come back.

You many have a problem from salt spray when a hurricane blows through.

Good Luck.


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