Help with stunted bamboo shoot tips

thekatocatOctober 28, 2013

I have a punting pole (clumper) bamboo plant that has been in ground for one year now. It seems to have acclimated to the hot summers we have in Phoenix. This spring, its sprouted to shoots that reached 8-10 ft, but since then subsequent shoots will emerge sprouting 3-4 feet before the tip of the shoot browns out, then branching takes over the growth. Now that we are in fall the main shooting season, the shoots are not making past 1 ft. Other than that the secondary growth is lush and the plant seems healthy.

Any one know what kind of phenomenon is occuring?

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Are the new shoots as thick as the earlier Spring shoots?

Are they otherwise healthy looking?


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they are generally thicker or the same, I've read on another post that juvenile bamboo can abort shoots if they lack sufficient energy.
not sure if thats the case cause it seems like the tips brown out so vertical growth is halted but energy than is diverted to branching

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Interesting. Can you post a picture?

I've never had any bamboo abort shoots from lack of energy/food that I know of. I have had some die from too much or too little water during new shoot growth. Too much water will kill of most if not all, new shoots if it is persistent and lengthy, and also, severe drought will cause them to die.

The bamboo grove or clump, should normally be producing food constantly, in addition to using stored food for new growth, so it is strange that the new shoots are stopping before they reach their mature height, and then leafing out.

Maybe there is some kind of damage to the new shoots which is stopping their growth?


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