where to find pure, old or heirloom bees

stickyburrJuly 14, 2010

i was thinking of getting becoming a bee whisper :) but its rural and not seen any fly aways. i was thinking .. if the modern high out put bees have something to do with CDD or not .. either way where would i find older species of pure bees ie Apis mellifera mellifera maybe from a bee keeper like a heirloom not big breeder. in other words possibly care alot about the bees not just making as many baby bees as possible.

but i need a older bee that will over winter as they will never be on a truck or sprayed. high production is not critical and i will likely have a second hive located on a different spot by time they swarm hoping they will find the hive. i wouldnt want anything excessively aggressive

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Well it sounds like a good idea but it's not easy to find "old" bees because ccd is not a desiese it more affected by there surroundings because it affects charateristics and pesticides and depending on your location but there is a lot if factors that affect it.

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captstinky(9 WCentral)

do a search for "bee lining" it might fit the mold as bee whisperer...seems like fun if nothing else. Feral bees are supposed to be less of "puppy mill" category, if I read into what you are saying. Zone 5a you likely are not in an area for AHB. Go for it.

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I've found a breeded who claims to have pure strains of A.m. mellifera -- in Sweden. You will likely not find pure strains of any honey bee in the US, exept maybe Russians from one of the few certified breeders.

Where do you live? You need to find someone in your area who raises bees. They will be more adapted to your local climate than those raised in the south.

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