Bee scaring off wasps

starla8(z5 MA)July 6, 2005


About a month ago I was sitting on my deck. I noticed some wasps buzzing around the shutters of my house. A few seconds later I saw what appeared to be a HUGE bumble bee come over and scare the wasps away! The bee actually chased the wasps away from the shutters. A few minutes later, the wasps came back and so did the bee! It was kind of funny, actually. Does anyone have any idea what kind of bee it was or why it was chasing the wasps? It almost seemed to hover in one spot for a bit before chasing the wasps (like a hummingbird). I'd love to know!


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treebeard(z5 MA)

Chances are that what you saw was a Carpenter Bee. A Carpenter Bee does look like a very large Bumble Bee, but if seen closely, one will notice that the Bumble Bee has a fuzzy appearance all over, whereas the rear quarters of the Carpenter Bee are smooth and shiney.

While it might be a good thing that the Carpenter chased off the Wasps, the Carpenter is only defending her turf...where she will bore a hole (or holes) into your house and lay her eggs.

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I wanted to go out ladybug hunting, (Just finding them and watching them) but there's Caretnter Bees, Yellow Jackets, AND a wasp swarming around my bush. I was around them earlier and they paid no mind, but now im to scared to go outside! :( They chase me! Not long ago a bee tried to chase me into my house!

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