When to transplant Yellow Grove?

theyardmanOctober 26, 2009

I have 2 bunches of Yellow Grove bamboo that were purchased 3 years ago, one in the sun and another under an Oak Tree that is heavily shaded. The bunch in the sun grows to about 20 feet in height, while the bunch under the Oak tree only grows to about 10 feet.

I am looking to move the bunch under the Oak Tree, when is the safetest time to move it, and what are some tips for moving it.


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kudzu9(Zone 8a - PNW)

In your climate I'd wait until next spring. Although the fall-winter period is good because the bamboo is relatively dormant, if you do it now, it will have little time to get established before cold weather strikes. Next April -- when the ground is unthawed and before any new shooting occurs -- would be good. Take as big a root ball as you can and plant it immediately. Stake it in place if there is any chance the wind could blow it over.

(P.S.: It's Yellow Groove, not Yellow Grove.)

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Now would be a very good time.

One thing i learned is that when it comes to transplanting,.... it is best in the fall and spring when the plant is in the dormancy period and it is not so much of a shock to the plant when transplanting when it's dormant.

It's like sleeping through the pain and waking up feeling like a million bucks compare to being in pain, roots being ripped out, dehydrated, and limbs being broken.

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