Bees in our tree

candace_2010July 30, 2010

Any suggestions on how to remove a fairly large bee hive from the newly planted 8 ft. oak tree in our front yard???? I am pretty sure these are the African Bees. They made the hive overnight and are pretty much in the open. We live on 1000 acres in the country in Texas and they would pick our front yard to make a home!!!! How to we rid of them?????

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spraying soapy water will kill them. You probably want someone with experience and protection to do it.

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Konrad___far_north(3..just outside of Edmonton)

>> I am pretty sure these are the African Bees.How can you know?...I would think we don't know until tested?

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Have a local Beekeeper come out with his suit and mess with them alittle to see how they react..If they remain pretty calm and he/she will know, then most likly they are not african, but if they are hot and angry then I would dispose of them.Would still have them tested if you decide to keep them

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