Spider mites have invaded my Snail vine :(

Garden_trolip(Toasty)August 29, 2005

My massive Snail Vine at my front entry, that survived being ripped down by the Monsoon is covered with spider mites!

I noticed a week ago that from the bottom up it was suddenly bare? I thought maybe it needed more water, yesterday I noticed that 2/3 of it was gone! Upon closer inspection I noticed that the leaves were COVERED in Spider Mites!!! AARRGGGHHHHHHHH!! I sprayed the CRAP outta them. I've never had a problem with spider mites on Snail Vines before?

I noticed that Tomatofreak mentioned her vine was looking bad too, check for those $$#!#&&%$@# mites!

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birdlady_in_mesa(z9 AZ)

Oh- I hate those $$#!#&&%$@# mites too! Good luck killing them! Poor snail vine!


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tomatofreak(Z9 Phx USA)

Oh, good grief, something *else* to worry about?! Mosquitoes are not enough? I never thought that something might be *eating* the snail vine. I noticed a few yellow leaves a few days ago and it just seemed to collapse overnight. I'm going to take a close look tomorrow and see if there's a chance I can save it. What the heck to spray it with?

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tomatofreak(Z9 Phx USA)

Yes, indeedy, the evil little devils are all over! Gotta go get something to spray. I hope to save this plant; it is providing shade for my kitties in their run.

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Pagancat(Phoenix, AZ)

You might hate me for saying this, but we need a good, cold winter to get rid of some of these little nasties.

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Spider mites LOVE hot, dry, dusty conditions. (Sounds like the last few weeks, eh?) So if you can change the habitat a bit, you can discourage them. Spray in the morning and/or evening with a blast of water from the hose which will knock some off and increase humidity levels.

The folks at UC Davis warn "Broad-spectrum insecticide treatments for other pests frequently cause mite outbreaks, so avoid these when possible. Sprays of water, insecticidal oils, or soaps can be used for management."

I've included a link to more information.

Here is a link that might be useful: Spider mites

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