no stem on Flower

pumpkins4u(8b)October 8, 2013

I have a dwarf Cavendish that is flowering right now it appears to have two flower heads but they didn't develop a much of a stem.

I've included pictures.

Any ideas. Should I cut off the closest two leaves? Will it still develop and ripen. Also worried about the winter onset. What happens if temps drop too much before the fruit ripens. Will they continue ripening in the spring if I can keep them from freezing?

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sure it isnt a double mahoi> never seen a cav with 2 flowers before..there not going to ripen before frost sorry to say. Your looking at a good 8 months till full ripeness.. people differ on diggin them while flowering. some say it stops other say if you take a big enough root ball it keeps going. once the freeze gets them there goners anyway. since the die after flowering just hope one of the pups hits at the right time next time it flowers.

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I'm not sure. I got them at Lowe's they were labeled Dwarf Cavandish. I too was shocked at the two flower heads.

I read somewhere you can overwinter the fruit and they'll plump in the spring. If I can keep it from freezing is that true?

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grabmebymyhandle(6 Kentucky)

I bought 3 gran nain at lowes this spring....turned out to be 3 dwarf cavs, I was much happier...

I full plant pic might help id it, double mahoi looks a good bit different than a DC.

How olds the plant?
You got great growth if its only a year old!

I defiantly would not cut anything off!
Just enjoy it and see what Mother Nature has in store!
Maybe it's a new species altogether...

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I'll get a pic tonight if I have a chance.

It was in a pot last year so I think it is over a year. I cut pup's off this spring. I know last winter the plant was so tall when me and my hubby lugged the pot in I had to tip it on it's side. But I put it in the ground this year.

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rednofl(9b Goldenrod Fl hz 10)

If it is small enough to dig up with a full root ball you could put it in a pot and take it inside when it will freeze or you can tent it. It appears to have choked , I would post it over at there are some very experianced folks over there who would be interested and can be more help.

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