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rtjohnsonOctober 28, 2007

I am from Indiana, and I brought my banana tree inside my house. It is about 5 feet tall, and there is a new plant that came up beside it that is about 3 feet tall. What can I do with them? I have a basement that never gets colder than 65, but it doesnt get any light. What can I do so they will winter. Can I cut them back, or make them go dormit some how?

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sandy0225(z5 Indiana)

Some varieties like orinoco overwinter well here in Indiana, but zebrinas, bordelons, dwarf cavendishes,and others don't do well overwintering dormant here. I think the winter must just be too long.
Best to grow them on semi-dormant in a cool bright room.

Here is a link that might be useful: overwintering as houseplants

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glen3a(Winnipeg MB 3A)

I have a similar situation. The basement is dark and not quite cool enough. If it were dark but cold I would try storing just the root of the banana like they recommend in a cold room or crawl space. So, I've opted to keep my banana upstairs as a houseplant right beside a window. It's a north window but it might get a bit of morning sun, say, in late winter. They warn to water sparingly and to be on the lookout for spider mites. I might spray as a precaution with neem oil.

I don't expect the plant might look too healthy come spring, but apparently as long as the root survives that's all that counts. When you accustomize the plant to outdoors again it will put on great growth and apparently it beats starting a new plant from seed once again.

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