bamboo id and care help! quick!

maj115October 24, 2011

heres the picture


also including the link to the photo in case it doesnt show

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it's impossible to id that bamboo by that pic, and it is very young.
You have that in the wrong kind of pot.
Why is it in a pot?
You can try planting it in the ground outside to see what happens. I'm guessing, but it looks to me like a running type bamboo.
The pot has to be wider at the top than at the bottom.
Like a half whisky barrel shape.
If you can find one anywhere, they are great to grow bamboo in if you must use a pot.
The leaves are yellow, there is a water problem.
I'm guessing it outgrew that pot long ago and you have to water it alot.
Buy some mulch and plant it outside now, and mulch it real good. See if it lives. Next spring you can put it in a big pot if you want.

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That's not bamboo.

Not sure what kind of plant it is and it may be commonly called 'bamboo', but's not a true bamboo.

Possibly a Dracaena.


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kudzu9(Zone 8a - PNW)

I agree with kentuck...not bamboo. You may want to try the House Plant forum.

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