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vrieseaJuly 8, 2010

here are a couple more photos ,pleas excuse the poor quality ,these are from colour prints that are about 30 years old ,and dont reproduce that well ,lose a bit in the colour stakes ,

This is " Flora Queen " good parent for shape and colour

this is " Princess Yodogimi " in japanese legend ,she was a beautifull but fiery tempered princess,

this is a couple of seedlings of a yellow crossed onto a large Leopoldii type a flower ,shape is good but colour is lost ,yellow colour genes are to weak to carry that ,guess eventually someone must crack exhibition shape and clear yellow ,

trust that someone will enjoy these ,


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kaboehm (zone 9a, TX USA)

Thanks for posting these Jack. We will all enjoy them. List is a bit quiet right now. Hippis are a late autumn to spring flower here and most on the list have turned their attention elsewhere in the garden for the time being. I love the yellow bloom. My Germa is blooming as of last night. She is a pale yellow beauty. Two scapes...so nice blooms for a while.

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Hi Kristi

Yes i guess things are a bit quiet as Hippeastrum is a seasonal plant ( unlike Bromeliads ) as long as someone enjoys them ,( photos ) i am amazed how little has changed since i started all those years ago ,almost as if nothing has happened ,there are a large number of " named " hippies on the market that are wrong or renamed ,why this is so is beyond me ,some of the top varieties from yesteryear ( specailly Ludwigs ) are just not around ,like " Ludwigs Goliath " the largest and best orange there ever was ," Dutch Belle " a superb smooth pink ,and " Happy Memories " a beautifull red and white flower heavely bearded type , " Minerva " is a bit similar but a poor likeness just the same ,are these than simply lost in cultivation ? even the evergreen " Apple blossom " is only vaguely similar to the original ( probably due to Tissue culture wich causes variations ) and " Picotee Pettycoat " probably the best of its type ,i will see if i can find the photos of these for a trip to yesteryear , in my day i did not ever use the Cybisters ,dont like the poor spidery shapes ,i prefer the Leopoldii types ,( but beauty is in the eye of the beholder ,) and i do like flowers with bearded petals , nice feature , doubles ? yes interesting ,any way thank you for your comment Kristy , b y the way are you of Dutch origins ?

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love_the_yard(z9A Jax FL)


I am the pink amaryllis girl. All of my amaryllis bulbs and all of my crosses are some shade of pink. So you really caught my attention when you mentioned Dutch Belle, "a superb smooth pink". I went to Google Images and found that the Amaryllis Bulb Company says this is the same bulb now known as "Susan". Please see link below. Does that look like your Dutch Belle?


Here is a link that might be useful: Susan Amaryllis

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kaboehm (zone 9a, TX USA)

Dear Jack,
I am Swedish and German....a good combination!! (at least I think so!). The Minervas that so many have today are poor examples, but when you get a "good one" it is stunning. Just like the "ordinary" Apple Blossom.

I'll have to look for a Goliath! I like oranges! Was trying to minimize reds this year, but got 3 lovely "Bonfire" bulbs, which aren't too widespread. Different petal shape with lovely dark red color.

Keep posting please! Love the historic photos and your opinions!

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