Alphonse Karr Divisions...Survival?

kevlar68(9a)October 29, 2012

I have a ~3yo AK "hedge" along my back fence. About a month ago I decided I needed to separate the back (toward fence) off the clumps because I was getting fall shoots under the fence on my neighbor's side. I tried to separate good size clumps with 2-3 culms using a recip. saw.

I potted about 20 of the divisions and pruned down to just a few leaves. Most have done very well (new branches at nodes) but ~5 withered all the leaves and another 2-3 aren't looking too good.

So my question, is there anything left to hope for with those divisions with dead leaves? Something to re-shoot from the rhizome in the spring?



PS There is also a sub-clump intermingled with one of my AK clumps with solid green culms...branching and leaves look VERY similar to the AK but not sure if I've seen any solid green before???

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kudzu9(Zone 8a - PNW)

A little more info would help.

How big were the root balls? I usually take something about the size of a basketball, and I don't prune back at all or top it. I may get a fair amount of leaf loss if the shock is significant, but the leaves typically come back if the root ball was adequate.

Did you prune off branches? If so, that was a mistake, because branches don't regrow, and the bamboo will not be putting out new branches on any other part of the existing culms. You will only get new foliage on existing branches.

This time of year is fine for taking a division, but don't expect to see anything happening with re-leafing until next spring. If you have viable root balls, you should see new shoots next year or the following year.

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Look closely at the green culms and look for a thin barely visible gold/yellow stripe down one side.

Al Karr is often cultivated for sale by seeds and usually several seeds are put into each pot. sometimes a seed will produce another subspecies of the bamboo.

You may have a another subspecies called Goldstripe.


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The main thing is just be patient. it will take some amount of time to know whether or not they are still alive just dont discard them for at least a year. they may pop up new shoots or put out new leaves. I ve had many that I thought were toast and now they are beautiful.

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Thanks for replies!
My only issue is that its about time to lift the plumeria...and I NEED POTS. I think I'll just ditch the ones I believe are too small a ball (2 gal) and hold out hope for the larger ones; might try to winter them in my PNigra box to see (learn) what happens.

@kentuck...I didn't notice ANY striping on those green culms.

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Kevlar68 Good luck in whatever you choose to do, please keep us posted.

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