gobiAugust 2, 2009

Hallo All

I used to have figs in Palm Springs - much better soil - more sandy - Does anyone have figs here ?

How do they handle the soil ? clay ? sweet and poor drainage ?

cheers in advance:

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They grow very well here. AZ soil is yuck so I dig down about 3 ft to change out with a mixture of fresh mulch and good soil.

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my fig is 3 yrs old. I have a mission fig.
and after a hard start (I planted it the fall we had the hard freeze) but now it is 8 ft tall and it put out its first batch of figs I managed to get 12 they were sosooo sweet yummmm. I know not much but it is still young
be brepared to beat the birds and ants to them I had to totally wrap my fig in a old gazebo bug screen other wise I would not have the tree gets bigger hope fully it will produce enough for all of us.
some one on this site told me to be sure it gets enough water. Bakers has a great selection they are very help full
good luck

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Eight years ago I planted a Brown Turkey fig. Turned out to be a WHITE FIG. Beautiful sweet fruit. Growing in native soil. When fruiting in spring and through fruit season it is watered at 7 day interval. When all leaves are gone in Feb. I trim all limbs back to create tree approx. 30 inches in dia. Also trim out crossing branches. To get a large crop I wait for 6 leaves on each new shoot then trim them off just past the 4th leaf. I feed once a month with a light amount of citrus fert. Have fun and enjoy..

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The Sonoran Rock Fig makes an interesting specimen. They won't produce fruit here but they are pretty and low maintenance. In fact, they are pretty much indestructable.

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softmentor(z9/sunset13 CA desert)

fig should do well in phx. I disagree with phxplantaddict (sorry) about adding mulch or any soil amendments to the planting hole. University experiments have shown that you do much better adding back only native soil and using ALL the mulch amendments on the surface as a cover mulch.
BTW, the big box stores that sell figs every winter usually sell Kadota fig with Brown Turkey, so there is a chance your white fig is Kadota. I have one that is about 10 feet tall and spreads out to 20 feet. It's about 20 years old and makes LOTS of wonderful figs.

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