TC Ensete Maurelii

moonie_57October 7, 2006

I bought this but it has no coloring at all. It is about a foot tall with 7 leaves. If it is Maurelii would it already show color and if color appears later, at about what time?

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Hmm, I thought one of the banana guru's would have quickly had the answer to that one.

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sfhellwig(6a SE Kansas)

I just went through the same thing this summer. Bought a Maurelii from Lowes and then realized that it was all green on the bottom (except the mid-rib). Just as I posted on here that it was wrong the next leaf came out with some around the edges. Each progressive leaf had a little more red spreading across it. Now a few leaves later and the undersides are just as red as my bloodleaves, maybe a little more. However I believe TC'ing can cause loss of some of the traits you wanted to copy. So don't hold your breath put I have indeed watched my own Maurelii color up.

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Thanks for responding. Unfortunately, could be bad news for me. I don't have even a hint of red on my supposed Maurelii... not on the mid-ribs or the undersides. :(

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sfhellwig(6a SE Kansas)

I am no expert so I cannot confirm but if there is no red on the mid-rib I don't know what it would be. Unless it was mixed up with an Ensete Superbum (I think that's it). Something to look into unless someone can verify that the TC caused it to loose all verigation. Just suggestions to keep your search going.

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Well, I also have Superbum and to be honest, I can't tell the difference in the two. Both were bought at the same time. It looks like I may well have two superbums, or one is simply ensete v. Thanks for the help, though.

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sandy0225(z5 Indiana)

I have a maurelii that got hit by the lawnmower this summer, and came back up from the stump. It was in the shade and it didn't get much color on it, but after I put it out in more sun, it's red now. So maybe it needs more light?

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shiollie(z5 MI)

I have one that is now 2 years old, the first year it just looked like a green banana, I tried to over winter it in the slightly warm garage and had to cut the stem down to about 4 inches because of rot.. after that it came back strong and beautifully colored.

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shiollie.. you give me hope! You said the first year it was just green. Even then was there a hint of red at all?

Beautiful plant, by the way.

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shiollie(z5 MI)

Moonie, the first year the stem had some slight reddish purple coloration on it but not much, and all the leaves were green, but it was not untill the second year that there was any coloration on the leaves. I hope yours turns out to be a Maurelii.... they are spectacular!

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Shiollie, as I stated, mine hasn't even a hint of color like yours did but I still have hope.

I meant to tell Sandy0225 that mine had also been in the shade, getting maybe a couple hours of dappled sun in the late afternoon. It was so small I was afraid of frying it in the intense summer sun. Now I have it in the house under a flourescent light. I can't believe how fast it's growing.. but still no sign of color. When I get heat in the greenhouse I will probably move it out there.

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