my mind experiment with bamboo

mersiepoo(6)October 4, 2012

After reading the fascinating book "The secret life of plants" I now feel guilty whenever I prune, cut or otherwise slice any plant! Anyway, I read that plants can 'read' your mind and try to 'grow to please you'. For me, it really works! I've gotten my jasmine to flower huge flowers for me, and have coaxed my gardenia to start blooming for me. I also got my 'petit nigra' to make very large figs. I also got my Dawn Redwood tree to produce a single cone for me (it appeared at the location where I was 'thinking' to it and looking at the branch. My pineapple plant is actually producing a mini pineapple for me this year as well! So, my thinking is, can I coax my yellow groove to produce larger size culms than it would normally? We shall find out! I didn't want to pressure it so I told it in a few years I would love it if it would produce 3 or 4" diameter culms, so I will see what happens. I'm going to make sure to talk to it anytime I go past it and keep 'reminding' it and visualize the size culms I want it to produce. I'll let you know what (if anything) happens next spring.

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kudzu9(Zone 8a - PNW)

It may take a lot of encouragement of your Yellow Groove to get to 3"-4" since the maximum diameter listed for it by the American Bamboo Society is 2.2". Nonetheless, I will wait with anticipation to hear your report back. If you succeed in getting it to produce 4" culms, I'll send you a plane ticket so you can come and meditate over my bamboo!

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If you give it perfect conditions, and protection every single winter no matter how big it gets with regular grove pruning, it will continue to upsize, but only up to a certain point. If you have yellow groove, most groves of that top out at 1.5 inches in zone 6 and rarely ever exceed 2 inches so you might need a larger species if you are trying to get 3-4 inch culms.

Here's a link to a thread involved in trying to get bamboos to get big fast.

Here is a link that might be useful: Pampering results

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