Is this the true PUNICEUM?

hatta(13 Malaysia)July 17, 2009

Just got it from a local nursery ... orangish color. However, the throat is so distinctively creamish yellow. The blooms measure 4" across on a tiny scape ..

Is this the true Hippeastrum Puniceum? I wonder ...

The bloom on the left is on the verge of fading ...

Grateful if somebody could ID it for me, otherwise, just enjoy the photos!


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Without breeding the plant or chromosomal identification,there is no way to be sure. H. Striatum looks very similar. If it is Striatum, The babies dont grow from the mother bulb,but from underground runners as much as a foot away from the mother bulb.

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hatta(13 Malaysia)

Thanks Del for the link and the info. You are so helpful :-)

The blooms and the scape show similar characteristics to the the third picture of your first link ... so I think I will, for the time being, tag mine as Hippeastrum Puniceum :-)



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