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DenelloOctober 27, 2012

Hello, new to the forum, looking for a mentor of sorts to help me with my bamboo.. several weeks ago it flowered (?) I now have 16" to 18"+ wheat like growth on about half of the tall (above 10') plants and am confused by the research I have done... Will the plants die? Can I harvest seeds?

Also I would like to send someone a few photos and identify the type. Got the root sections off a job I was working on and planted them in March, seems like the growth & sprouts have slowed way down the past few months. Really love the plants and want to enlarge the area... don't know what to do??

Thanks, any input will be welcomed

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I think you have Arundo donax, which is not a bamboo at all.

Does it look like this?


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kudzu9(Zone 8a - PNW)

Without seeing a picture, I would also support kentuck's guess that it is likely arundo donax. This plant is sometimes mistaken for bamboo, but is unrelated.

Denello, bamboo have hard, woody, glossy culms (canes) that typically live for about seven years, and don't dieback unless they are in a really cold area. Bamboo also have branches that come off of the culms and the leaves sprout from these branches. If your plant has leaves that are directly joined to the stalk, that's another sign that you some other plant than bamboo.

Finally, if you do have Arundo donax, be aware that it is considered an invasive...more invasive than running bamboo and harder to remove once it's established.

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First, Thanks for the info kudzu9 & Kentuc8b, you are both right it is Arundo donax... second BUMMER! my wife and I were enjoying our little "bamboo" patch,, Our desire is to have something growing along the property line beside our neighbors drive so I guess all is not lost.. the Arundo may do the job, least now we know what we are dealing with.

Anyone know of a good source for real Bamboo in the Knoxville, TN area?

Thanks again.

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Some people plant Arundo donax here for visual barriers and it does quite well but it does have a slight odor to it so if it is close to a home or house it may be undsesireable. The county workers plant it along roadsides here for erosion control. It is what we used as kids for fishing poles.

Try one of these nurseries below that might be in your area.

Almaville Bamboo Company

Lone Oak Farm Nursery

Earth Advocates Research Farm


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