rare Amaryllis seeds

ifraser25(z11 Brazil)July 23, 2009

I have an extremely limited number of seeds of the rare and beautiful Hippeastrum reginae (CITES "endangered"). The first five people to send me their full postal address will receive 5 seeds together with germination and growing advice. If you are very lucky you may also get a couple of seeds of the even rarer Hippeastrum psittacinum var. atibaiense, CITES "critically endangered". This plant is only known in one location in the world. The plants grow together and are difficult to distinguish when not in flower. The seeds need to be sown in fresh air in a cool but frost free climate. They take at least three years to reach flowering size and some experience of dealing with rare seed is advisable.For every one seed I collect, I plant 5 in suitable locations on the mountainside.

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Thats very generous of you to offer and share these Rare Hippeastrum Specie seeds.Thank you very very much! I hope I get the chance to grow a few Peace,Mark

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I would really love to have some of those seeds. However, I don't have the paperwork in place to import seeds. I don't have any intention of violating international or US law. I am well qualified to grow any seed. I wonder if cites regulations allow the dispersion of those rare seeds to people who could not qualify to grow them. I doubt it.

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import/export of biological material (seeds included) is regulated by US law; this is particular restrictive for endangered or rare specimens. One can't import/export (send/receive seeds in the mail) without authorization.

So you know ...

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I applaud your efforts to plant seeds of these threatened species. Sometimes giving mother nature a hand isn't a bad thing!

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mariae(9b Vero Beach Fl)

Hello, we are extremely lucky to be able to grow them they are most precious, thank you very much. Just to clarify, they are extremely rare seeds, but none of them are listed in Cites endangered species list (I just check it), so if you have your small lot of seeds import permit it is ok to import them.

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Hi my name is Erick i want to know if you still have some of this seeds I love this plants and if you can share some to me I will really appreciated

thanks so much

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I would like the 5 seeds of hippeastrum reginae, and the other one too.
Best regards

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Dear ifraser25
I'm a rare Hippeastrum species lover and collector .
I'd like ask you for some rare Hippi seeds(if you have) or other Hippi rare species seeds/offsets from you or trade with you.
If you have any seeds or bulbs/offsets of rare Hippi species seeds available this year or later,I'd love to get from. Thank you very much.
Cheers and happy gardening!

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Erick, jojo, and Tiger,

I am wondering if you may have all missed the original date of this post. Three years have passed since a small number of these seeds were generously offered by ifraser.



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Dear Blanca
Thank you for your remind and correct, I do not watch carefully clear date.

Cheers and happy gardening!

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Hi everyone,
I am another Amaryllis nut :) and I'm desperately trying to find some double white (preferably) seeds to grow. I've been looking all over the net without success, and was hoping someone here might be able to point me in the right direction. I am willing to pay a small amount, I am not flash with money as a pensioner but I'm a very keen gardener and like a lot of you I not only grow for the love of it but also to allow some rare plants a place to live, before they're all gone. We have 30 acres and little by little we are transforming it from cow paddock to mixed food and useful plant forest. So if someone out there has some seeds they can live without - I'll give them a good home here in Australia.
thanks for reading

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kaboehm (zone 9a, TX USA)

Seeds for doubles are going to be hard to come by as they can only be pollen parent vs seed parent. If someone bred a double white to a single white, then those seeds could grow to be double whites. Not sure it's a cross made often.

Perhaps a new post with this plea for seeds would be a better place than on this thread. It may get more attention and would give people a better place to reply than on a thread for rare seeds!

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Thanks kaboehm I'll do that :)

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