Desperately Seeking Pink Velvet Banana

fozebear(Gulf Coast 8b)October 10, 2007

I tried several times over the summer to get a pink velvet banana on ebay but kept losing out. I would really, really like to get one started now so that by the spring it will be established. I can't find anything anywhere except seeds. Does anyone know where I can get M. velutina?

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fozebear(Gulf Coast 8b)

Banana angels must have been looking over. Just found plants on ebay "Buy It Now" on CLEARANCE. Auction is good for 12 hours if anyone else is looking. I'm excited!!!!

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Did you get one all ready? If not, maybe we can work out a trade. I just went out and see my seeds germinated. I had a couple of bananas this summer and just took the (whole) bananas and planted in the pot with my banana...and they came up!

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fozebear(Gulf Coast 8b)

After trying all summer I jumped on them when I saw them on ebay. Have to wait to see what condition they are in when they arrive. How neat that your seeds came up! This is my first summer at being bitten by the banana bug. I have some NOIDs in the back yard that were here when I moved in and have never bloomed. Bought two ice cream bananas this summer, Chinese yellow flowering banana and now the pink velvet.

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If they don't make it, Logee has some in 2.5 pots. here is the website:
also Thomas and Morgan seeds has some seeds

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Don't know why I got lucky with the seeds this time. I've tried at least a hundred seeds from ebay, trades, etc. Never got one to germinate. Was finally lucky enough to get a pup from Gabe15 (thanks Gabe!) and it bloomed this past summer. I offered up the seeds for trades and when I had no takers I just started picking the bananas off when they popped open and sticking them right into the dirt! That was it, no alternating cold / warm, blah, blah, everything else I heard and tried! Just good old leave them in the rotting banana. LOL

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fozebear(Gulf Coast 8b)

The plants from ebay got here and they're big, healthy nanners. I'm very excited.

That's funny about your seeds. One of my stapelias made two seed pods last year. People gave me all of these long involved instructions on how to get the seeds to germinate but none of them came up. When the next pod opened I just washed the seeds into the dirt when I watered it. I had babies galore.

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Congratulations on your new nana's Fozebear! They really are pretty, plus my pup flower it's first summer at barely 2 feet tall. Hopefully yours will too!

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GAAlan(z7b(on map) 8(imby) Atlanta)

This banana is one that blooms in one season. I've had a clump since 6/17/05 and it bloomed all three summers. Had three stems to flower this year!

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fozebear(Gulf Coast 8b)

I put these in 5 gal pots for the winter. It will be easy for me to protect them as we get only a few frosts here. My plan is to put them in the ground probably in March. I also got a Chinese Yellow and one other that I can't recall the name.

I'm a new bananna fan. Can't wait until next summer! Any advice would be appreciated.

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