looking for pics and info on these rare semiarundinaria spp.

plantaholic(zone 8a AL)October 30, 2010

i would love to see pics and some information on these 3 semiarundinarias...maruyamana, yamadori, yoshi-matsumurae.

which of these is more desirable, more unique, and best suited to z8a in the deep south?

i cant find any pics or decent descriptions of these plants. i love the genus semiarundinaria and wouldnt mind adding one or all of these to my bamboo collection.

any advice or experience is greatly appreciated.

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I never heard of any of those varieties of Semiarundinaria.

Where did you hear about them?


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plantaholic(zone 8a AL)

these are listed on the pricelist of bamboo sourcery. they are closing in nov and have a 50% off sale. the shipping is killing me tho. LOL

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I guess I'm looking in the wrong place on their website, but I still don't see those varieties.

Anyway, I grow S. Okuboi âÂÂBirodonaâ and S. Yashadake Kimmei and both do well here, however, they do not reach the listed height.

They both do well with little care even with the three year drought that we've been going through. They tolerate heat and cold well here in zone 8b.


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plantaholic(zone 8a AL)

go the the home page and scroll down to the plant list....where they list prices and sizes. i love the genus semiarundinaria.

yamadori is supposedly very similar to yashidaki. i cant find any info on the other two. i did call them and the nursery mgr is going to email a lil more info.

unfortunely, they were sold out of fortis....another one id like to have.

i grow okuboi. tell me about 'birodona'? im all ears! LOL

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Yes, I found them after I posted that earlier. They sound like great boos.

I kept my okuboi in a pot for years before planting it in the ground.

Unfortunately, I planted it just before this drought started and it gets little water, but I planted it under the canopy of tall trees and next to brush so that the sun doesn't harm it too much.

It remains very short but has spread a few feet even under these conditions, so my guess is that it might be an aggressive runner if given the chance.

The leaves are wide for their length as compared to other bamboos and the culms grow very erect. Leaves are mostly at the top of the culms which I like.


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