Mowing around hive? Need advice soon!

lives2grow(z5IN)July 2, 2005

Our bees & hive are supposed to be delivered this evening. (We just found out last night, didn't think we were going to get them until next spring.) We were going to locate the hive in the orchard, but the guy bringing them said you can't mow in front of the hive "in their flight path". We mow the orchard regularly. Some of the info we've read says you have to keep the grass & weeds down around the hive. I would like to know how other beekeepers handle this problem without upsetting the bees. Thanks for any hive location you can give me! Carla

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amymcg(z5 MA)

I mow in front of mine all the time with no problems. Even run the weedeater. But if you're worried about it, then lay down some weed block fabric in front of the hive and pour on some bark mulch.

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Konrad___far_north(3..just outside of Edmonton)

Yes, you need to have the grass cut down...
You can mow in front of them easily when it's just getting dark and the bees are inside.

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I mow mid day, I suit up like I do when I work the bees run the tractor then the weed eater, they get mad but they get over it but I dont go back to the beeyard till the next day :)

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Thanks everyone for the advice. Our bee delivery was actually delayed. The driver got lost & didn't have our phone # with him. We should get them this week. We have a spot prepared for them now, & I'm relieved after reading your responses. We have a couple of bee keeping books ordered, & they should arrive this week also. We usually research & prepare a little better for our endeavors, but he caught us off guard by having some for us this soon. We were expecting them next spring. Wish us luck & thanks for the help. Carla

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