Anyone need an apprentice? (NJ)

thebadseed(5B NJ)July 5, 2010

I'm interested in beekeeping. I live in a rather close suburb, but there are a ton of bees on my lavender, berry bushes and sage all year, they pollinate my vegetables, and I've never been stung by them here. I think they're great little buggers, and they do an awful lot of work for me as pollinators...I thought it would be slick if I could put some of them up and maybe get some honey out of the deal.

But, before I take it on, I'd like to apprentice and make sure I know what I'm getting into...does anyone in Essex County, NJ (close to Montclair/Bloomfield) want an apprentice?

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Would recommend you look at Better Bee for resources. It might be hard to find a mentor with a name like "Badseed" .. sort of frightening...LOL

Still, I wish you luck. It does sound as if you know how to attract the bees..we do not have them as much any more down here in South Texas. I will take your hint with the lavender, berry brushes and sage.

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thebadseed(5B NJ)

Thanks for the tip! (The name was a Nick Cave joke...)

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I keep a few hives in Essex County. It's a great place to keep.

I'd recommend checking out the Essex County Beekeepers Society. You can find their website here:
And their calendar of events here:
It is a great place to meet local beeks.

The short course they offer is great. You should try to catch it this winter if you have a chance.

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